About Us

Markazeahan is mainly work on the merchant of Iron including buying and selling Iron with the immense experience of 30 years. The main goal in this center concentrated on the domestic industrial projects to improve Iron industry of Iran
Services in Markazeahan
Selling different types of rebar, beams, black sheets, angle bar, U-bar, profiles, alloys and industrial sheets, (including oil, galvanized, stainless steel, colorful,…) sheets, and variety of construction iron and industrial iron and other imported products
Providing ironware and services for organizations, government institutions, private
companies and individuals
Collaborating with guaranteed transportation companies for sending products
Updating prices of steel products from factories and Isfahan business institution via proprietary in website
Publishing updated news of the iron market, economic
Inserting scientific and practical reports about the industry and steel market. Contributing about exchange and economic sides of effective issues on the industry under supervision of expert team in Markazeahan
Notifying the updated announcements of metal exchange trades
Having great archive of updated news and prices
Having expert team of economic and iron market whom analysis the behavior of bourse. Their reports and articles highlighted via website
Creating a unique social network for consumer of Markazeahan website to exchange their ideas
Having a progressive application for easy access to the news of iron market, the application included advanced technical computation service, updated price of iron, and the price of transportation service
Having great interconnected and universal network of consumers which leads to appropriated trades economy
Having a certification from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and TradeTel No: +983135155 Interior Number 117
Email address: info[AT]MarkazeAhan[DOT]com
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/markazeahan

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